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1 godina 11 mjeseci ago #159

After being flashed to poe trade a console so much afterwards, it should not FEEL this primitive.TERA hasn't gone through some of this, so there's absolutely no reason that this game should feel that bad. It seems less like a serious attempt to become on a console and more like a last-minute money grab before the game goes offline.

Starting my journey at the console edition of TERA, I immediately remembered one big issue I had with this match before -- the girls are extremely hypersexualized. With the exception of the Individual Sorcerer (who has a more than gratuitous amount of cleavage hanging out), most of the female characters are wearing next to nothing -- some even wearing what looks lingerie, yet thus showing that what most folks would believe lingerie is more concealing than what these women are wearing.

I am certainly no prude, but when I must play with this game after people have gone to bed because female characters are wearing nipple tassels and a thong as"armor", that's not just embarrassing but clinging to the women in my home who might chance to see me enjoying it. The men look pretty cool, but they are not strutting around in codpieces and small pieces of"armor" that hardly cover their dangly parts.

Seems like it'd only be fair to poe currency buy groom both sexes in appropriate armor or possess them both mostly nude, right?Looking beyond the lack of clothes, your personality is thrust into a starting place that has about as much tutorial because it will pop-up ads. You will find text and dialogues and windows and all sorts of things happening all over the area, meanwhile, the sport is lagging like crazy while you're only hoping to get all this extra crap closed so you can sort out things piece by piece.

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